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Nowadays the stages and personal lessons with the famous athletes and the coaches become more and more popular and demanded. A lot of the people of any age want to get a knowledge or improve their professional skills or just be involved in a fascinating process working with the real professional in this particular field.

I don’t want to say that the personal coach or instructor is not able to give you that help what you need to become the best. Though the coach can know own athletes very well as in professional so in personal sphere, sometimes it could be useful to get help from outside from the coach with own professional experience and different methods or another view at the training process.

That`s why I offer my services of the 4 times Olympic champion and a coach for your disposal.

The age, level or experience doesn`t matter because we are going to work individually with every person or we organize the stage with maximum 8 athletes. For the stage I personally select the age and level group that we`ll be able to work thoroughly with everybody and find the best way for our successful collaboration that directed to achieve the best result.

The stage, I organize, can last 1 – 2 weeks, it depends on your request. It includes the preparation in the gym and in the water, with particular attention for your own wishes and needs to be improved.

The personal lessons direct only for the professional and technic skills improvement. First we should find out the problems you have. After that I create a personal program or our work which depends on the quantity of the lessons we have together and then we start our training process which are going to be interesting and productive process.

My goal is to help you with your own professional and technic improvement in this difficult and complicated sport as synchronized swimming. As well I want to create a healthy climate during our collaboration, which will be a wholesome base for the future work with your own coach.

I don’t pretend to stand between you and your team or personal coach, I just want to be useful and help you and your professional future.

For any question or details about the stage or private lessons don`t hesitate to write me. I`ll be glad to answer any your question.

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