News 2 January 2019 2019 Canada New Collaboration

I’m so excited to announce that this year I was called by one of the most outstanding team in history of synchronised swimming. Canada team that is pioneer and one of the founder of our sport. Within this new collaboration we managed to create two absolutely new routines (free and tech program). Thanks to the …

News 2 March 2018 2018 Italian mixed duet

One more choreography creation for Manila Flamini and Giorgio Minisini. This time I put my magic on the tech duet for the World Championship. Absolutely brand new program that is going to surprise everyone with its style, difficulty and fluency of movement connections. We also reviewed the free routine adding more interesting details and difficulty, …

News 2 February 2018 2018 Choreography for Italian National Team

This time we are going to surprise everyone.For now it’s a new team with absolutely new face. You are going to be really impressed by Italian free routine. The improvement of these young but very perspective athletes is just evident and helped us to create the fantastic and very remarkable program that everyone will see …

News 2 January 2018 2018 Italian National Team

This season the Italians are going to show again my choreography in combination routine .As well we prepared a new free duet program in collaboration with Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro for this season. So you can see new improved and elaborated style that we worked out together. One more step up for these talented …

News 30 November 2017 2017 Autumn Swiss Synchro

Twice I worked with Junior age athletes from Switzerland. We made one duet and one solo choreographies. Always happy to work with the young motivated athletes and always glad to help them improve and understand better this so complicated and particular sport getting more knowledge and experience from our work together.

News 30 November 2017 2017 November

This time new direction for me. I was called to work with Hungarian National Team. In 10 days we managed to create free team and free duet routines for very young but on the other hand very talented athletes. Want to wish them good luck on their way.

News 28 November 2017 2017 November Austria

Writing new choreography for Alexandri sisters again. This time tech routine. We managed to create very fresh, very fast, very difficult and particular program for the girls whose remarkable improvement needs to be underlined, showed and noticed.

News 28 October 2017 2017 October Kazakhstan Duet

This time we made two new choreographies for the both duet routines. A good speed, a lot of energy, interesting and fresh movements. Free duet underlines very precise the style and the character of the athletes (Nemich twins) . On the other hand for the tech duet this time we chose absolutely new style. That …

News 29 September 2017 2017 September Poland Synchro

Writing duet choreography for the 13-15 age group athletes from Poland. Hope that our collaboration will give them a real chance to reach their goals and the best results.

News 27 September 2017 2017 September British Synchro

One week of camp for British duet . The goal is improvement of technical and strength skills. Working hard on the newest tech elements for the duet and solo routines. One week of hard and intense work.

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